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15 Small Canelés - Trio

15 Small Canelés - Trio


Five vanilla and Rum, five pandan and Malibu canelés and five orange and Cointreau in one box

  • Ingredients

    Milk, free range eggs, organic flour, premium butter, premium sugar, high-quality Bourbon vanilla beans, and dark French rum, orange juice, orange zest, Cointreau, pandan leaves, pandan extract, and Malibu.


  • Special requests

    Please write anything you would like to let us know in the “add a note” section on the cart page.

    For instance, you can tell us if the canelés are for a birthday so that we can paste special birthday stickers on the box.

    You can also let us know if you require the canelés at a specific day or time and we will endeavour to meet your request.

    Reception within 7 days maximum. Delivery nationwide except for WA.

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