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3 Large Canelés - Vanilla and Rum

3 Large Canelés - Vanilla and Rum


The genuine recipe made with vanilla beans and dark Rum

  • Description

    The grand canelé is the authentic classic size. It is 50mm tall, 50mm wide and approximately weighs 60 grams.

    Every canelé is baked in an individual copper mould to ensure optimal caramelisation.

    Ideal with a cup of coffee or tea, vanilla ice cream or cream, berries, sweet wine and champagne

  • Ingredients

    Milk, free range eggs, organic flour, premium butter, premium sugar, high-quality Bourbon vanilla beans, and dark French rum.

  • Special requests

    Please write anything you would like to let us know in the “add a note” section on the cart page. 


    For instance, you can tell us if the canelés are for a birthday so that we can paste birthday stickers on the box. 


    You can also let us know if you require the canelés at a specific day or time.


    Reception within 7 days maximum. 


    Delivery nationwide except for WA. For orders in WA please place order on

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